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Josh Wood Colour

Josh Wood, an expert in the beauty industry, has bottled more than 30 years of experience, so everyone can have their perfect, personalized colour, wherever they may be.


As with all great visionaries, Josh Wood Colour demanded greatness from their website design and function.

They wanted their website and ecommerce platform to have more features and flexibility—also, better performance when it comes to conversion rate, website speed and brand loyalty. As constructed, the website did not allow for the realization of its full potential.

The challenge was taking the existing Shopify ecommerce platform written in Liquid and transitioning to a headless approach. This challenge had to be met for Josh Wood Colour to continue uncovering unlimited opportunities and staying ahead of the competition.

Once we analysed the original version of our client's website and their business goals, we proposed the following research plan.


To obtain basic user demographics and behaviours, we took a survey of ~20 Josh Wood customers


  • Desktop12%
  • Mobile66%
  • Tablet22%

Level of confidence in using mobile

  • Very Confident
  • Confident
  • Neutral
  • Not Confident
  • Very unconfident

Shopping online

  • Very frequently 12%
  • Frequently 66%
  • Not too often 22%

Frequency of buying hair products

  • Every 1-2 weeks
  • Every month
  • Every 2 months
  • Every 2-4 months
  • Other

With the help of Useberry, we were able to analyze heatmaps for each screen that provided some valuable insights about the prototype.

Using slider button or sliding pictures instead of dragging colours.
Change base colour on the FBT section
Clicking on banner instead of delivery button
The checkbox on the right isn’t obvious enough
Completion rates
The study showed that only 8% of all users completed the test. Since quantitative studies don’t point out what problems users encountered, we conducted qualitative testing.
  • Completed
  • Dropped off
  • Skipped
Headless eCommerce Shopify
Shopify headless commerce was the first solution overcoming the challenge of a lack of functionality. Headless ecommerce is a modern solution providing greater developer freedom and easier content management. Of course, transitioning from a liquid template to headless ecommerce meant we had to update a number of plugins.

Storefront API

Commerce primitives

Products & collection
Customer accounts

Commerce capabilities

International selling
Back-office operations
Sales and CRO

The next solution focused on the challenge of increasing sales and improving conversion rates. To achieve this, we first dove into research and got to know Josh Wood Colour and their client base better.

Additionally, we conducted user interviews and created buyer personas. All this led to redesigning the desktop and mobile interface and UX. Finally, vigorous evaluation with A/B testing and improvements. We had fantastic results and several key features were added.

  • 300%Web site speed increase
  • 2400+Subscriptions enabled
  • 20%Increase in conversion rate
New features

Miracle system

An online wizard Miracle system where the user inputs information regarding their type, length and shade of hair and the system automatically chooses the correct shade

View it on the website

Subscription Service

A subscription service where users can receive an automatic shipment with their desired hair colour.

View it on the website

Consultation Booking Service

A consultation booking service where users reserve a time slot to converse with a colour expert.

View it on the website
MacBook Pro 16 inch
View it on the website
Subscription service
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