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As Shopify experts, our marketing team will help you attract new customers, achieve brand recognition and long-term sales success.

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Having a Shopify ecommerce doesn't automatically equal sales and success. Fourmeta's Shopify marketing services focus on optimising your site and targeted ads that impact site traffic and conversions. With this encompassing approach to marketing, lasting success is guaranteed.


We become your long term partners, constantly modifying and revamping your Shopify marketing strategy.


Our marketing team has a wealth of experience not just in marketing but in marketing your Shopify ecommerce, ensuring success.


Fourmeta's core values include honesty and dedication - to excellence and our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need conversion rate optimization?

Like in retail, window shoppers do not make purchases; users can browse to a Shopify store and leave without buying anything. By optimising the storefront, users click through and make it to the endpoint: purchase point. Conversion rate optimisation involves everything from paid campaigns audit and optimisation to checkout process analysis and optimisation. The end goal is to increase the return on investment.

What is the best way to drive more sales?

The best way to drive more e-commerce sales is through Google Search and Shopping ads and SEO since these two advertising channels bring users that are highly motivated to make a purchase. The difference is that while SEO takes time to achieve results and you don't pay for clicks, Google ads start showing within a couple of hours after the campaigns are set up and launched. You pay for each click on your ad. And the best thing is that optimising your website for Google Ads is a part of the SEO process as well.

Why do I need SEO for my Shopify store?

In these modern times, when a person wants to buy something, they usually go on Google or another search engine and look for that product. As soon as the page loads, the user tends to click on one of the first few results because they seem more trustworthy and take less effort. This is precisely why you need SEO for your Shopify store. An optimised Shopify store can pay dividends right away as you build trust and customer loyalty.

How much do Google ads cost?

The cost mainly depends on the niche. The more competitive it is, the higher cost per click you can expect. However, in our experience, most of the ads are not set up perfectly, resulting in higher costs than possible. If not targeted well and not done with expertise, Google Ads can be expensive and lose value. At Fourmeta, we are sure to deliver outstanding results even in the most competitive niches by expertly tailoring these ads to reach your target audience.

What kind of content can you produce?

Content can take on many different forms, and that is why we have such a diverse and developed marketing team. We have in-house copywriters to create interactive copy and engaging content. Our designers can produce static images, animations, and videos. Regardless of the type of content, we have the capability.